Marine Towing

Marine Towing

Date:19 May, 2015

Marine Towing

Boat Towing Services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami vicinity

Downrite Marine Towing Fort Lauderdale can handle your simple dock to dock tows or long distance towing. We offer towing and salvage services to the South Florida areas for over 10 years.  In some cases we can travel further because our towing vessels are truck able,road legal and can be moved or shipped anywhere in the world.  Downrite Marine Towing is not a Franchise so we can handle your towing needs a little differently then how the competition does things. In most cases we can charge the customer a “Over the Road” (Delivery)  fee and by doing this we save you money.  You pay the other companies what’s called a portal to portal charge, delivery re-delivery of the towing vessel.   What this means is if you get a quote from a towboat company “For Example” from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm you are paying for the tow time and the return time. From the time they leave their dock till the time they get back and tie their towboat up at the dock and wash it down.

In most cases we are able to either pick up our towing vessel or drop off at the start location. Simple math problem here this is why we are cheaper than the competition not because we cut corners or pass on proper safety. Safety is always our number one concern. We just do things a little differently.

All of our captains are Licensed by the USCG. Downrite Marine is Fully Insured to One Million Dollars. Additional trip insurance or rider’s can be added into contract if needed for additional insured or higher coverage amount’s.

Our Lead Captain’s certifications are; 200/500 Ton Master, Commercial assistance towing , STCW basic fire fighting, Advanced Sea Survival, RFNPW , AB, CPR, Hazzwhopper with over 22 years of on water in command experience.  PAST : Formally certified EMT, Fire Academy Graduate.

Our Towing vessel’s are all former active military boats. Downrite “Titan” Unit #4 our Flagship is retired from Home Land Security she is a Safe-boat Defender Class. Our launch customers love the shock mitigating Bentley seating.


In tow with an 86' Sport fish in the Miami River.

In tow with an 86′ Sport fish in the Miami River


Towing for Carnival Cruise line returning their lifeboat back from service.


Beach Rescue; hooked up made off and about to spin around to pull this disabled intrepid off the beach in front of John Lloyd in Dania Beach, Florida.


Beach rescue in Dania Beach Florida picture is “Titan” hooking up to a stranded beached 32′ Intrepid center console.

Completed recovery of LB#9 in the Miami Main Ship Channel.

Job was for the United States Coast Guard.


Light Buoy #9 Miami main ship channel off station beached hard aground just south of Government Cut.



Docking up light buoy #9 at Sector Miami


TOWING LB#9 Miami Main ship channel

TOWING LB#9 Miami Main ship channel




Towing out a sailing vessel that was purposely sunk for a artificial reef project off Hollywood Beach in 78′ feet of water.

Downrite Marine Towing and Salvage